Expert Information on Types of Cosmetic Lasers & Procedures


Purchasing used cosmetic lasers for your practice requires weighing the appropriate factors for your specific needs. Medspas, laser centers, dermatologists, plastic surgeons and other medical practitioners on a national and global basis continue to increase the number of aesthetic laser treatment services offered to their patients and customers. The demand for non-invasive aesthetic treatments is […]

Syneron’s LV and LVA Applicator for Effective Treatment of Leg Veins Syneron’s LV and LVA applicators are designed to treat vascular lesions and leg veins. The LV applicator will treat vascular lesions that are up to 4-mm in size. The LVA applicator is perfect for smaller more resistant vessels and telangiectasias. The LV and LVA […]

The Technology Behind the Handpiece Syneron’s ReFirme ST handpiece utilizes a combination of bi-polar radio frequency and light energy to stimulate collagen growth. RF energy is very controllable and when combined with light energy, creates a very safe and effective means of heating the dermis regardless of skin type. Once, the energy heats the skin […]