5 Tips To Avoid Costly Aesthetic Medical Laser Repair Services

Nothing is worse than starting your day off with a waiting room full of patients or clients and your cosmetic laser equipment won’t turn on or is giving off an error code. Many times aesthetic medical laser repair issues occur due to a lack of routine maintenance on your equipment. Just like a car, if you don’t check the tire pressure, change the oil or air filters, you are going to have problems. Cosmetic laser equipment isn’t inexpensive, nor are repairs. We’re outline 5 things you can do on a regular basis to ensure that your equipment runs well for as long as possible. Remember all equipment will eventually fail over time, but staying on top of maintenance will definitely help extend the life of your aesthetic equipment.

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Medical Laser Maintenance Tips

These are some of the most common and helpful routine medical laser maintenance steps you can take to help improve the longevity and performance of your medical laser equipment.

  1. repair cosmetic laserDaily Cooling System Check: Check your cooling system levels before you start your day. Make sure you are using deionized water. Some aesthetic brands require a coolant additive as well. The coolant system will cool the laser cavity and may even serve to cool the handpieces and power supply. Don’t let your system overheat because you didn’t do a simply check on the water cavity. Also do not overfill the cavity – the fluid can spill onto electronics components and cause severe damage.
  2. Dust Your Filters: Yes get out the vacuum and dust the vents and clean out the filters. Dust and debris will prevent your aesthetic laser from cooling properly resulting in possible electrical and component damage.
  3. Check Your Handpieces: Look at the shot count. When some handpieces reach a certain shot count, they’ll start throwing off an error code. Error code or not, the effectiveness of a handpiece will deteriorate if it exceeds the shot count. You’ll need to send the handpiece in for maintenance and have the shot count reset. Technicians will check all the components in your handpiece including the flow tubes, light guides, IPL lamps, o-rings, flash lamps, diodes and recalibrate your equipment. Also keep your handpieces clean. Dirty optics affect the performance of your laser.
  4. Don’t Drop Your Handpieces: Handpieces are made of complex components that need to be aligned properly. If you drop your handpiece or bang it too hard, you can easily knock the mirrors out of alignment. You’ll notice a change in the performance of your handpiece if this happens.
  5. Schedule Annual Service with A Reputable Provider: Probably the most important thing you can do is get your equipment serviced annually. Experienced aesthetic laser technicians know what to look for and run your system and handpieces through a checklist of procedures and will clean, replace and calibrate equipment as necessary. If you use your cosmetic laser or medical device on a regular device, scheduling regular maintenance is a must.
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