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Cosmetic Laser Warehouse

— Palomar and Syneron Aesthetic Laser Specialists  —

Cosmetic Laser Warehouse is a division of The Laser Warehouse, an industry leading provider of aftermarket cosmetic and aesthetic laser equipment.

Palomar Medical Lasers and Syneron Lasers

Cosmetic Laser Warehouse specializes in selling and buying used Palomar and Syneron cosmetic equipment. At the Cosmetic Laser Warehouse, we always have significant quantities of high quality Syneron and Palomar inventory in stock. This includes all base models along with all of the most popular handpieces and applicators for these systems. We acquire equipment directly from doctors or from banks that have repossessed these lasers from bankrupt medical facilities and medspas. Some of the equipment is acquired as offlease merchandise. All of the used aesthetic laser equipment we buy is sourced at significant savings which we can then pass on to our customers.

Commitment to Quality

Our reputation as a trusted vendor is why we always fully inspect and test our equipment thoroughly to ensure we deliver a high quality product every time.  All inspections are conducted directly by our own certified technicians.

At the Cosmetic Laser Warehouse, we want to ensure that all of our customers are 100% satisfied.  We do not sell equipment that is broken, missing parts or partially functioning. We value our reputation and our client base. Our parent company, The Laser Warehouse, has one of the best reputations in the industry for selling used cosmetic lasers.

Laser Repair Specialists

Cosmetic Laser Warehouse also specializes in the repair and maintenance of Palomar and Syneron equipment.  Our certified technicians are well regarded for their ability to quickly diagnose and repair broken handpieces, IPL equipment and lasers.  This includes malfunctioning software and all electrical components.  Don’t invest in new equipment without contacting our technicians for a FREE Estimate to repair your existing equipment. Learn more about our medical laser repair services.

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