Cutera Laser Repair

cutera laser repair

Cutera Laser Repair

We provide Cuter Laser Repair services for all Cutera IPL equipment. We repair the following base units: Cutera Solera Opus, Cutera Titan, Cutera XEO.

We also repair the following Cutera handpieces: Titan S, Titan V, Titan XL, Opus 560, LimeLight and ProWave 770

The majority of repairs for Cutera laser equipment can be completed in 2-3 days.

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Cutera Laser Repair Services:

  • We Provide Free Troubleshooting over the phone.
  • Quickly determine root cause of laser malfunctioning
  • Recommend repairs to completely restore the laser or handpiece to 100% working condition.
  • There may be instances where it is more cost effective to replace the laser or handpiece with an existing unit from our inventory. If that is the case, we will provide an honest evaluation on why this would be the best recommended course of action.
  • All estimates are free of charge!

Common Repairs for Cutera Handpieces and base units include:

If your handpiece has exceeded the lifetime number of pulses, we can replace all necessary parts and reset the shot count so that you can continue to use your Cutera handpiece.

  • replace flash lamps
  • replace flow tubes
  • replace damaged windows
  • clean / align optical components
  • clean / polish reflective cavity
  • repair and / or replacement of wiring
  • replace damaged electrical contacts and connectors
  • replacing outer shells
  • service the cooling system
  • repair cracked screens
  • repair power supplies
  • calibration of the handpiece
  • verify output energy
  • reset shot count

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Medical Laser Repair

Cosmetic Laser Warehouse technicians are experience in repairing medical and aesthetic laser equipment. We specialize in repairing IPL laser equipment and laser heads for all leading brands of cosmetic lasers.

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