Cynosure Apogee Elite

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We have several Cynosure Apogee Elite lasers for sale.  All Apogee Elite units are in excellent condition with low pulse counts.  Call us now for the most up-to-date information; our inventory changes daily.


Cynosure Apogee Elite for Sale

The Apogee Elite delivers permanent hair reduction on all skin types. The Elite combines the technology of two different laser types, the Nd: Yag and Alexandrite. The ND:YAG 1064 nm laser is safe for permanent hair reduction on dark and tanned skin. It also allows you to treat face and leg veins. The Alexandrite 755 nm laser has high melanin absorption which has demonstrated permanent hair reduction in laser hair removal treatments. The Cynsore Apogee Elite is regarded as a top performing laser for permanent hair reduction.

Type of Equipment: Alexandrite Laser and Nd:YAG

Wavelength: 755 nm / 1064 nm
Electrical: 110 VAC/20A or 200/220 VAC/30A

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