Palomar Lux 1440

Palomar Lux 1440

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Palomar Lux 1440 Handpieces

Palomar’s Lux 1440 handpiece is a fractional non-ablative laser used specifically for laser skin resurfacing.  Your patients will achieve a youthful appearance with minimal downtime.  The Lux1440 only works with the StarLux 500.


Wavelength: 1440 nm
Pulse Size:  3-10
Spot Size:  10 mm, 12 x 12 mm, 15 mm
Energy: 10 mm: 14-70 mJ/microbeam,  12 x 12 mm: 32-80 mJ/microbeam, and 15 mm: 2-14 mJ/microbeam

We have always have units in stock with low pulse counts.  Call us for best pricing and availability.

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