Palomar MaxG

Palomar Max G Laser

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  • Low Pulse Counts on all units.
  • Fully reconditioned, tested and calibrated.
  • Works with the StarLux 500 and Palomar Icon.

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Palomar Max G

The Palomar Max G handpiece uses Optimized Light Technology and is for the treatment of vessels and pigmented lesions and is extremely effective for facial vessels. Dual bands of wavelengths means more uniform heating across the targeted treatment area.  Because of this, the Max G laser offers superior results when compared side by side with traditional IPL (intense pulsed light) and PDLs (pulsed dye lasers).  The Max G is an excellent upgrade from the Lux G if you have a StarLux 500 system or want to add an additional treatment option to your ICON.


Wavelength: 500 – 670 & 870 – 1200 nm
Pulse Size:  5-100 ms
Spot Size:  10 x 15 mm
Energy: Up to 80 J/cm2

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