Palomar Aspire Slimlipo

Palomar Aspire SlimLipo Laser

The Palomar Aspire SlimLipo laser provides body contouring and laser-assisted lipolysis with excellent results and less downtime due to the diode laser power capability and ability to use both its 924 nm and 975 nm wavelength in combination or separately.

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Palomar SlimLipo / Aspire

The Palomar SlimLipo runs at two (2) different wavelengths – 924 nm and 975 nm. The system can also be operated with both simultaneously to increase treatment speed and effectiveness for better results than the competition. The Aspire boasts minimal downtime and less patient discomfort making it an excellent laser unit for your practice.

Type of Equipment: Diode

Wavelength: 924 nm, 975 nm and 924/975 nm combines
Frequency: Up to 100 Hz
Tip Size: 1.5 mm
Aiming Beam: 635 nm
Power: 4 to 24 or 8 to 40 watts
Electrical: 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz

Treatment Applications Include:  Laser-assisted lipolysis, Body contouring

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