Syneron AC

Syneron AC Applicator

Quantity in Stock:  7 Handpieces

Pulse Counts: Varies by handpieces, one has only 1700 pulses.

Condition: Excellent. Fully tested and reconditioned.

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Used Syneron AC Handpieces

The Syneron AC applicator is used specifically for Acne Treatments. The AC handpiece utilizes a combination of laser and bi-polar radio frequency. The AC handpiece works with both the eMax and eLight lasers.

Spectrum: 400-980 nm
Light Fluence: Up to 18 J/cm²
RF Energy:  Up to 20 J/cm³
Treatment Area: 12 x 25 mm
Pulse Rate: Up to .7 Hz
Cooling: 5°C

We have several Syneron AC handpieces in stock and ready to ship.  Call us now for best pricing and options.

The AC Handpiece works with the eLight, eMax and elos Plus.

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