Syneron DS

Syneron DS Applicator

Quantity in Stock:  3 Handpieces

Pulse Counts: 2 applicators have very low pulse counts. One is new – still in the plastic.

Condition: One is new and 2 are full reconditioned.

Call 954.254.4612 or email us at  for specific details on our DS handpieces.


Syneron DS Applicators

The Syneron DS applicator is an IPL handpiece used specifically for laser hair removal. The DS handpiece utilizes a combination of laser and bi-polar radio frequency. Large spot size allows treatment of large areas quickly.

Spectrum: 680-980 nm
Light Fluence: Up to 45 J/cm²
RF Energy:  Up to 25 J/cm³
Treatment Area: 12 x 25 mm
Pulse Rate: .7 Hz
Cooling: 5°C

The DS handpieces work the following systems: Aurora, eLight, eMax and the Galaxy.

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