palomar icon laserBuilding on the success of Palomar’s StarLux aesthetic laser systems Palomar developed the next generation Icon Aesthetic Laser. The Palomar Icon laser is a light-based multi-platform system that allows the practitioner to provide a wide range of some of the most popular aesthetic treatments to their customers. 

Icon Laser Key Features

palomar-icon-inventoryThe Icon system was built with several patented features such as:

  • High Peak Power: The Icon laser can deliver energy at over 350 joules, making it the most power optimized laser platform available.
  • Photon Recycling: This patented features reduces energy loss to improve treatment.
  • Smooth Pulse: Palomar developed a proprietary light delivery system that results in larger amounts of energy being used.
  • Skintel Melanin Reader: This optional accessory allows you to determine with a higher level of confidence your patient’s melanin level to set the best treatment parameters for their skin type.
  • Advanced Contact Cooling: Ability to maintain consistent temperatures a 5 degrees Celsius for maximum patient comfort and safety.
  • AccuSpectrum: Through the use of dual filters, epidermal exposure is reduced to improved client comfort.
  • Microlens for Fractional Laser Treatments: The XD and XF microlens for the 1540 handpiece allow better coverage with fewer passes.

After the success of the StarLux laser platform, Palomar manufacturers greatly enhanced the performance of the system and added some new technology features as well. (If you are looking to purchase a Palomar Icon Laser, we always have several units in stock. ) They also upgraded the performance of the Icon handpieces that come with the system. Following is more information on the equipment.

Palomar Icon IPL Handpieces

Following is an outline of treatments that can be performed by IPL handpiece type. In order to deliver the right treatment parameters, it is very important to determine the correct skin type of your patient.  The Fitzpatrick Skin Type scale can you determine the range between light to dark based on a scale of I – VI. Eye, skin, and hair color factor in along with skin reaction to sun exposure and a person’s ethnicity.  For the best evaluation of a person’s melanin content, the Palomar Skintel Melanin Reader is an excellent option that will help you achieve the best results when treating patients with Palomar IPL handpieces. The Skintel Reader using Light Emitting Diodes (LED) to calculate melanin values.

palomar icon ipl handpieces

HandpieceTreatmentsSpot SizeSpectral RangeFluence
MaxRHair Removal on all
Skin Types I - VI and
tanned skin
16 x 46 mm650 – 1200 nmUp to 48 J/cm2
MaxRsHair Removal on all
skin types I-VI and
tanned skin.
Best for hard to reach
areas like bikini lines.
12 x 28 mm650 – 1200 nmUp to 72 J/cm2
MaxYHair Removal and
benign pigmented lesions
on skin types I – IV.
16 x 46 mm525 – 1200 nmUp to 60 J/cm2
MaxYsHair Removal and
benign pigmented lesions
on skin types I – IV.
12 x 28 mm525 – 1200 nmUp to 90 J/cm2
MaxGBenign pigmented lesions,
vascular lesions (port wine stains,
hemangioma, angioma,
spider veins, rosacea)
on skin types I-IV
10 x 15 mm500 -670 and 870 – 1200 nmUp to 80 J/cm2
MaxVAcne treatment,
benign pigmented lesions
on skin types I-IV
16 x 46400 – 700 and 87 – 1200 nmUp to 26 J/cm2

palomar 1064+1064+ Handpiece for the Palomar Icon

The 1064+ handpiece is an Nd:YAG laser that provides two (2) treatment applications: leg vein clearance and laser hair removal for all skin types and works well on darker skin types.

HandpieceTreatmentsSpot SizeSpectral RangePulse Width
1064+Face and Leg Vein Clearance
Hair Removal
Pigmented Lesions
1,5,3, 6 & 101064 nm10 – 100 (ms)

1540 Fractional Handpiece for the Palomar Icon

palomar 1540 laser

The 1540 handpiece is a fractional non-ablative laser (Er:Glass) that treats stretch marks, reducing their appearance and color resulting in smoother skin. High precision microbeams are responsible for creating  deep coagulation in both the epidermis and dermis which results in new tissue and collagen generation. Treatment sessions with the Palomar 1540 can often take just a few minutes.

The 1540 handpiece is also the First FDA-Cleared fractional laser that is clinically proven for treatment of stretch marks.

XD Lens: The XD lens allows for maximum non-ablative treatment at a deeper level

XF Lens: The XF lens is results in high speed non-ablative treatments.

HandpieceTreatmentsSpot SizeSpectral RangePulse Width
1540Skin resurfacing
Soft tissue Coagulation
12 & 151540 nm12 & 15 (ms)

2940 Ablative Fractional Handpiece for the Palomar Icon

2940 ablative fractional handpieceThe 2940 ablative fractional handpiece (Er:YAG laser) is the best choice for fractional ablative skin resurfacing and the treatment of fine lines and wrinkles. It can also be used for pigment lesions. The Palomar 2940 handpiece represents a better option versus CO2 laser treatments.

Groove Optic: The 2940 uses a groove optic pattern to increase ablative coverage with less passes over the treatment area.

HandpieceTreatmentsSpot SizeSpectral RangePulse Width
2940Fractional ablative skin resurfacing
Fine Lines
Pigmented lesions
Fractional = 6 & 10
Flatbeam = 2
2940 nm.25, 3 & 5 (ms)


Palomar Icon MaxIR Handpiece

palomar maxirThe Palomar MaxIR handpiece is an infrared handpiece that is designed for deep tissue coagulation. The MaxIR can be used on areas such as the legs, neck and abdomen.

HandpieceTreatmentsEnergySpectral RangePulse Length
MaxIRDeep Tissue CoagulationUp to 154 Joules850 – 1350 nm2.5 – 10 sec.


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