The MaxG handpiece is the next generation to Palomar’s LuxG handpiece and offers Optimized Pulsed Light technology. The Max G works with both the StarLux 500 and the Icon, but isn’t compatible with the StarLux 300.

Efficiency of the MaxG Handpiece Compared to Other Laser and IPL Systems.

view max g laser inventoryTraditionally vascular lesions have been treated with both pulse dye lasers (PDL) and intense pulse light (IPL) laser systems. However these systems do have some drawbacks. In the case of PDL treatments, these devices cannot consistently deliver long pulses of energy. A series of short pulses must be used which opens the door to increased risks for ablative skin damage. The PDL’s short wavelength also limits penetration of large vessels or deeper based vessels. As for IPL devices, while these are effective, they are to a lesser degree when compared to other laser systems due to their fluence level delivery in shorter pulse widths.palomar maxg vascular lesions

Uniform Delivery of Energy

The MaxG’s technical design allows it to treat a wider range of vessels at varying sizes and depth. The Max G delivers uniform pulses without any spiking. This technical ability means that when treating vessels there will be less purpura due to the lower peak power delivered when compared to a pulsed dye laser or traditional IPL device.

Improved Energy Absorption

Vascular lesions are cleared when energy is absorbed by the hemoglobin in blood vessels. The energy is converted into heat which then damages the vessel leading to eventually healing. The MaxG’s dual energy bands allow for optimal targeted energy absorption which helps to better protect the skin during treatment. The contact sapphire window feature allows you to adjust the level of cooling delivered.

Deeper Dermal Penetration

The MaxG delivers light energy at near –infrared level in the 870 nm to 1200 nm spectral band. This means less absorption and scatter in the skin and improved coagulation of blood vessels. The MaxG is able to penetrate vessels much deeper than a traditional PDL.

Typical Treatment Results

Most patients tolerate treatment very well. They may experience some minimal discomfort during the treatment, but no downtime at all. Treatment results are equal to PDL or IPL and often exceeds parameters available via these other devices. Depending on the severity of an individual case, one to two treatments will provide desired results. Numerous side by side studies have been conducted and reviewed by physicians that demonstrate these superior results. More clinical information can be found in this whitepaper.

Treatment specifications for using the MaxG on Vascular Lesions include:

  • Treatment of the face, neck, chest, legs, hands, arms and body.
  • Skin types that can be treated are I – IV.
  • Delivers Light Energy in two spectral bands:
    • 500 to 670 nm
    • 870 to 1200 nm
  • Offers selectable temperature cooling.
  • Common types of vascular lesions:
    • Flushing Rosacea
    • Port Wine Stains
    • Resistant Alar Vessels
    • Red Chest and Neck Vessels
    • Red Facial Vessels
    • Blue Facial Vessels and Large Alar Vessels
    • Telangiectatic Lesions
  • It is recommended that Humatrix is used to prep the skin for treatment and to provide cooling during treatment. LuxLotion is also recommended for use as a coupling agent.

Important SAFETY Precautions

  • During treatment both you and your patient must wear IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) protective eyewear. Standard laser eyewear is not sufficient for the MaxG handpiece.
  • Ensure that a licensed practitioner has examined the lesion(s) before any treatment program is started.
  • Treatment directly over tattoos or permanent makeup is not recommended.
  • Make sure your patients wear sunscreen after the procedure to ensure they do not have any adverse reactions.
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