Syneron’s LV and LVA Applicator for Effective Treatment of Leg Veins

Syneron’s LV and LVA applicators are designed to treat vascular lesions and leg veins. The LV applicator will treat vascular lesions that are up to 4-mm in size. The LVA applicator is perfect for smaller more resistant vessels and telangiectasias. The LV and LVA applicators work with the eMax and eLaser systems as well as the newer elōs Plus platform. All of these systems leverage Syneron’s proprietary elōs technology which delivers a combination of RF (radio frequency) and light energy.

Expected Course of Treatment and Results

Leg veins and telangiectasia can be resolved typically in 1 -3 treatment sessions. Some more difficult veins may require more than 3 treatments. Compared to other laser technologies, Syneron elōs utilizes less energy and provides for more accurate targeting of veins. Built-in contact cooling protects the epidermis from unwanted damage and helps to keep the patient comfortable during the procedure. During treatment, Bi-Polar RF energy is released between the two electrodes in the handpiece. RF energy is highly controllable which means the highest level of energy can be delivered to each targeted vessel. From a safety perspective, the risk of side effects is minimal.

Treatment with the LV/LVA applicators will improve the appearance of unattractive leg veins, spider veins, facial spider veins, and more. Once treated, large blue/green leg veins and spider veins will fade over time. A patient can continue with treatment until they are satisfied with results. Treatments are usually spaced between 6-8 weeks in between and for spider veins 4 weeks apart.

Candidates for Treatment

Typical candidates for treatment are those who have adverse side effects to traditional Sclerotherapy, do not like needles or who simply prefer a more noninvasive treatment method.

How is LV/LVA Applicator Treatment Tolerated by the Patient?

The sensation may be described as a “hot pinch”. Patients tolerate treatment well by use of either cooling the skin during treatment and/or use of a topical anesthetic cream that numbs the skin.

Possible Side Effects?

It is rare for a side effect to result from treatment with the LV or LVA applicator, however, there can be the following: blistering, pigment changes and crusting. These are not permanent and will resolve in a very short period of time. Again, these occur rarely and the handpieces have built-in contact cooling to ensure these unwanted side effects do not happen.

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