syneron refirme skin tighteningThe Technology Behind the Handpiece

Syneron’s ReFirme ST handpiece utilizes a combination of bi-polar radio frequency and light energy to stimulate collagen growth. RF energy is very controllable and when combined with light energy, creates a very safe and effective means of heating the dermis regardless of skin type. Once, the energy heats the skin (their patented elōs technology) new collagen production begins. In effect collagen production has been kick started and will continue for 6 to 12 months after the initial treatment.

Expected Skin Tightening Results from ReFirme

ReFirme is considered to be safer and less painful than other treatments while providing better results when compared to Thermage or Titan. ReFirme is a perfect alternative to cosmetic surgery because there is no downtime associated with the treatment. Treatments with the ReFirme ST handpiece have been featured on many television shows due to excellent results that can be achieved with this device.

ReFirme is perfect for treating wrinkles and sagging skin on the face, neck and jowl. It can also be used on the abdomen, upper arms and even knees. In addition, ReFirme can be used on all skin types and skin colors. Results are gradual, but as collagen production continues, patients can expect to see continued improved over the next 6 months. A typical treatment plan will include 3 -5 treatments for optimal results. Treatments should be spaced between 3 – 4 weeks. Maintenance is highly recommended to keep skin looking healthy and refreshed. Patients have reported their complexion looking 5 – 7 years younger. Their skin texture also feels much smoother.

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